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I am Gamoridlina JEANTY well known as Gam. I am a young black female Haitian singer who grew up in port au prince Haïti in a Christian family. I always was surrounded by musicians my entire life both of my parents were into music my dad is actually a traditional accapella choir. I started singing at a very young age I believe I was 4 the first time I held a mic to sing at church. I sing jazz, RNB, blues, gospel and I am open to any other style too. I love singing this is a passion of mine. I am a French and Haitian Creole native speaker and I am fluent in English, I know basic Spanish and Chinese. I got a bachelor degree in Business management and currently having my master’s 1 in Applied linguistics.
I started my singing career in Taiwan in May 2017. I performed at several festivals and event during my stay in Taiwan. Such as the Latin and Caribbean festivals 2017 edition, the mama Africa 2020 edition, at several Christmas events, universities’ event and so on
In short that is everything I would like to say about myself so far.